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✔ What Career is Right For You? (Personality Test)

Personality Test – What is your best future career? What kind of career is for you?
What is your dream career? Which future job fits your personality? The Career Test.
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What career is right for me? What career should I choose? what job is right for me?
Which Career should be for You? what job should I have? Predict your Future Career.
What Career Are You? What Career will Be Best For You? What Career suits you best?
What is Your Future Career? What will your career be? What is your perfect career?
What’s the Best career for You? What career fits you? What should your career be?
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The Career Quiz, work from home jobs, at home jobs, job search, job application,
jobs hiring, Career Finder. Find out which career complements your personality!


1. How would your friends describe you?
A. Foolish/Irresponsible
B. Handy/Helpful
C. Creative/Gossipy
D. Outgoing/Friendly
E. Talkative/Intelligent

2. Are you a lazy person?
A. I have my moments of relaxation like everyone else
B. To busy to sit, I wish I could though
C. I would get up, but there’s nothing for me to do
D. No, just bored sometimes
E. All the time! I’m proud to be a couch potato!

3. What’s your favorite subject?
A. Health/History/English
B. Tech/Study skills/Gardening
C. Math/Economics/Computer Science
D. Art/Drama/Music
E. None, I hate school!

4. What do you do in your spare time?
A. Gym/Video games/Home renovations
B. Hang out/Online chat/Go to parties
C. Get drunk and make a fool of myself
D. Surf the Web/Organize my closets
E. Work on a hobby/Go to the movies

5. Who would you rather join at a social event?
A. Small group having a lively discussion
B. Someone who looks interesting
C. No one/The clowns, my only friends
D. Several people playing a game
E. Large group that is laughing a lot

6. Which section of the newspaper do you like to read?
A. Entertainment
B. None, I use newspapers as toilet paper
C. News or Real Estate
D. Front Page/Sports
E. Education/Medical/Breaking news

7. Which movie genre do you like most?
A. Comedy/Historical/Documentary
B. Action/Horror/Adventure
C. Sci-Fi/Political/Thought-provoking drama
D. Porn/Parody
E. Romance/Fantasy/Inspirational

8. You have the chance to be on a reality show. Which would you choose?
A. Show that gives me the chance to work hands-on
B. One based on my talent
C. I would like a show such as Jackass
D. Based on my interpersonal skills
E. All reality shows are a waste of time

9. Do you intend to rely on others in the future?
A. Kinda never!
B. Yes, I have to or I’d die!
C. For some things to do my job
D. If I need it so badly, then yes
E. Say no, only if you prefer to lie!

10. Which of these activities would you enjoy the most?
A. Making love it’s all I want
B. Teaching or helping others solve their problems
C. Using my visual or musical skills to create something
D. Developing a business plan
E. Using my skills to carry out tasks

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✔ What Career is Right For You? (Personality Test)

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