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Cardiothoracic Surgeon – SABC Education Career Guide

A cardiothoracic surgeon provides open heart surgery on various areas in the heart region whenever a patient contracts an injury or an illness in that region that must corrected. Before surgery is even considered, the cardiothoracic surgeon examines the patient using medical instruments to check for signs of heart problems. The types of surgeries that are performed by the cardiothoracic surgeon include inserting a pacemaker, bypassing blocked coronary arteries, and performing surgical treatment on conditions such as valvular heart disease, lower extremity occlusion and aortic aneurysm. While surgery can be dangerous and require long-term recovery, there are many cases in which surgery is the only way that the patient will be able to recover from the disease. The cardiothoracic surgeon is responsible for all anaesthesia, cutting open and stitching of the patient. The cardiothoracic surgeon also prescribes medication for pain relief and a quick recovery.
Cardiothoracic Surgeon – SABC Education Career Guide

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