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Career Conversations: Discovering Careers in Higher Education

An expert panel discussed positions and potential in the field of Higher Education.

Participating Panelists:
*Lucy Fromowitz,
Assistant Vice President, Student Life, University of Toronto
Introduction: 0:06:41, 0:09:24
Administration to You?: 0:34:51
Opportunities?: 0:45:20
Education vs Experience?: 0:54:47
Opportunities for Introverts?: 0:57:20

*Lara Ubaldi
Project Lead, YU START New Student Transition Program, York University.
Introduction: 0:05:41, 0:14:13
Education vs Experience?: 0:49:44
Opportunities for Introverts?: 0:58:55

*Jamie Kunkel
Career and Placement Services Coordinator, University of Guelph-Humber.
Introduction: 0:04:31, 0:18:57
Education vs Experience?: 0:51:48
Opportunities for Introverts?: 1:00:48

*Courtney Mallam
Print & Digital Media Strategist, Glendon Campus, York University
Introduction: 0:03:14, 0:21:52
Research?: 0:41:42
Education vs Experience?: 0:52:44

*Reginald Khokher
College & University Instructor: York University, OCAD University and Seneca College.
Introduction: 0:02:18, 0:28:10
Research?: 0:43:25
Institutional Differences?: 0:47:34
Opportunities for Introverts?: 1:00:04

Q&A Overview:
1. What does working in administration mean to you? 0:34:49
2. How important is research to your job? 0:39:24
3. Are there opportunities in administration for those without a background in Education? 0:45:20
4. For Reginald: What are the differences between the institutions you teach at, what are the challenges? 0:47:34
5. What is more important to your career in administration, your experience or your education? 0:49:44
6. What opportunities are there for introverts in the field of Higher Education? 0:57:18

Recorded: Thursday, March 06, 2014 in the Career Centre Presentation Room at York University.

For more info:
Career Conversations: Discovering Careers in Higher Education

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