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Education and Career: Choosing High School Subjects

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At school you are forced to start choosing your career path early on. This means that you can start focusing on what you want to do, but you often tend to change career goals, especially at a younger age, and specialization might close some doors forever. So taking the right high school subjects is very important, a bad choice could come back to haunt you.
The Less Specialized the Better is best to keep your opportunities open. I did two maths courses (mainly because I had to do one to be able to do the other), physics, English and German. I was already pushing it with 5 subjects (in South Australia 4 is usually the maximum) but if it was up to me I would also have done Chemistry and Biology. You can tell that this subject choice is very broad. A lot of university (college) degrees require at least English and maths and then often other subjects like physics or chemistry.
But don’t worry, if you really want to do a course but you don’t have the required subject prerequisites you can often do a bridging course or come to an alternative arrangement with the university.
Doing Well at High School
Compared to the earlier years you are going to have to start doing some work. In my last year at school I did around 10 to 15 hours of homework a week on average (more in exam times, much less during some weeks) which was up from about an hour a week before (for anyone that cares, I received 96.9/100 as my final school grade). But you have to see how you go because your requirements are probably different to mine. A good guide is not to set a certain amount of time for school work, but to do your work until it is done.
Education and Career: Choosing High School Subjects

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