Frameworks for Education


A framework for education is a carefully laid out plan detailing the expected outcomes of an educational course, a key part of which establishes a set of standards in relation to the scope of what the students should learn and their future options and prospects from having completed the course.

English language courses

The purpose of a particular course and its expected outcomes must be clearly delineated in order to clarify its purpose and objectives as well as distinguish it from other courses. This is particularly important for example with the teaching of English language as there are many different types of English language courses available with different expected outcomes. Courses vary, for example, from internationally recognised Academic English courses after which students should be able to study at English speaking universities, to courses that teach English specifically to obtain employment in tourism. And from courses that teach conversational English with the purpose of simply being able to communicate in English speaking countries, to courses that train teachers to teach English as a second language.

Course detail

A typical framework for an Internationally Recognised Academic English language course would set out the exact content of the course and highlight the course objectives which would include the core purpose of improving the four basic language skills of: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing in English. On successful completion of the course the student can expect an internationally recognised certificate and the ability to participate fully in their chosen university course using academic English.

Positive outcomes

Individual subject classes typically include those which aim to improve English language proficiency in the areas of grammar, vocabulary, comprehension and pronunciation. Other classes are aimed at providing information on the available university courses and their entry requirements as well as familiarising students with the various university systems and processes. Individual academic counselling is usually provided where a student will be guided towards gaining the particular level of English proficiency required for their chosen course and they will be provided with exam strategies that will assist them in achieving those levels.

As English is the most used language in education and tourism, having the ability to communicate proficiently in English could be the key to future success for many students.

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