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How to choose a career – English Conversation
It is an English conversation in American accent.
NUTAN: Hi sir. Good morning!
MANAGER: Good morning Teena! How are you?
NUTAN: I’m fine sir. I’m here to take your advice today.
MANAGER: Oh! I love to advise people. What is your problem?
NUTAN: My brother has completed 12th class. Now he wants to join a college.
MANAGER: It is good that he wants to go for higher studies.
NUTAN: But he wants to take literature in graduation. In my opinion, he must do engineering. You know literature has no future.
MANAGER: Why is he not doing engineering?
NUTAN: He says that he has no interest in it. He wants to become a writer.
MANAGER: Why are you compelling him? Let him follow his passion.
NUTAN: But he can’t make a bright career in writing. As an engineer he can enjoy a good life. He will be able to get a good job in a big company.
MANAGER: I agree. But if he has no interest in engineering he will flop in life. He will never get a good job. Reason, he has no interest.
NUTAN: But how can I allow him to ruin his future?
MANAGER: No, he is not ruining. But by putting pressure on him you may ruin his future. Youngsters should be allowed to make their career according to their passion or interest.
NUTAN: So I have to let him do what he wants.
MANAGER: Yes, because he is not going to a wrong side. Moreover, writers can earn a lot of money in modern world. There are a lot of opportunities.
NUTAN: Don’t you think progress is unlimited in the field of engineering.
MANAGER: Yes. I agree. But this field is already flooded, therefore most of engineers don’t get good jobs. I personally know many young persons who are working in call centers or offices because they are unable to get jobs in the field of engineering.
NUTAN: I think you are right sir. I should not force my brother to pursue engineering.
MANAGER: That is a good decision.
NUTAN: Thanking you sir for guiding me.
MANAGER: It is my pleasure young lady.

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How to choose a career – English Conversation

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