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How to write a CV Guide to writing a CV.

Your CV is the most important document when applying for a new job.

The employer will take 5 seconds to form an opinion — first impression counts. You have to show you have the necessary skills to match the job in question.

There are a few simple rules, which we will explain in this video.

-Keep your CV accurate, concise and well presented. Write it yourself, you will be expected to talk about your CV at interview and it will be obvious if someone has written it for you.
-Start with your contact details — name, address and telephone numbers. Include a key achievements heading — back these up with compelling facts. Personal profiles tend to be very similar from one CV to the next. Capture your reader’s interest.
-Employment history comes next, always start with the most recent job first. Next give your education history, your relevant qualifications and then your relevant training.
-Finish up with your interests and hobbies and finally your references — you do not have to include the referees’ details.
How to write a CV

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