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Job Corps Voices – Andres and Pursuing Dreams – Career Training and Education Program

After dropping out of high school, Andres enrolled in Job Corps. Inspired by his mother and grandmother who are both nurses, Andres chose Certified Nursing Assistant as his training area. He’s thankful for the training Job Corps has given him to pursue his dream of working in the medical field.

Look, my life before Job Corps? Well, I was 16 years old when I decided to come here for Job Corps. I was just out of high school but I didn’t finish high school. Thank God I knew an excellent teacher – her name was Maria Rodriguez – and she was a teacher in the Job Corps program for 12 years. She was the one who motivated me to come. She was the one who talked to me about Job Corps and introduced me to the program. She was the one who brought me here for orientation, my very first one at the center.

Nursing, because, in fact when I started high school, I took some vocational classes and started figuring out what LPN was. I’ve always liked nursing and medical care. Why did it motivate me? Well, my mother is a nurse and my grandmother is a nurse. In addition to that, when my grandmother was sick, that’s when I started to understand more about healthcare and it kind of stayed with me. Definitely one of my passions is helping other people, serving those who need it most. And I believe that studying nursing would help me to help others in one of the best ways possible – helping someone stay healthy.

Look, Job Corps is definitely worth it. I encourage every young person that has the chance to watch this video to consider enrolling in Job Corps. It definitely changes your life and helps you develop as a human being. It helps you achieve your career goals. It helps you achieve your goals as a person. You grow a lot here. It’s definitely one of the best options out there. If you are considering it, please take note of what I’m saying.

Most definitely, I believe that Job Corps is one of the best options to consider. It changes you as a person, you grow as an individual, and you become a professional. If you’re thinking about entering a job training program, really, I believe that Job Corps is the best choice.

If you or someone you know is interested in enrolling in Job Corps, call (800) 733-JOBS [5627] or sign up now online at

Administered by the U.S. Department of Labor, Job Corps is the nation’s largest career technical training and education program for low-income young people ages 16 through 24.

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Job Corps is a U.S. Department of Labor Equal Opportunity Employer Program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. TDD/TTY telephone number is (877) 889-5627.
Job Corps Voices – Andres and Pursuing Dreams – Career Training and Education Program

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