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sani in 4th restricts prosperity in education,career for simha lagna

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One should know their destiny as per horoscope so as to lead a successful, happy life. From birth to death ; due to the bad deeds performed by us in previous birth; We need to experience troubles, difficulties through various forms.
i will send you the complete horoscope analysis which consists every part of your life like health, money, relations with friends/ family members, education, relation with parents, vehicle/ house yogam, chances of diseases or accidents, career prosperity.
1) Life time consulting fee …. Rs.15,000/-

2) Complete analysis of horoscope with 3 years predictions …… Rs.3000/-

3) A) Marital compatabiity analysis ….. Rs.2000/- ( thorough examination will be done like 2nd, 7th, 12th bhavas ; Ashtakoota matching, kuja, Guru, Sani doshas )

B) Special marriage compatability analysis : To lead happy and long married life just marriage compatability analysis is not enough. you have to know the following :

1) extra marital relations :

2) sexual behaviour : there could be incompatability of sexual desires between partners. as per modern science also ; some people will have hyper sexual desires and some will have hypo sexual urge. this could lead to separation.

3) personal igos/ complex : one partner may expect the other should be submissive to him/ her. such dominating attitude may lead to separation.

4) personal behaviour : if both partners have short temperment ; it may lead to separation.

All the above can be known very clearly from horocopes ; we will examine all these things thoroughly for just Rs.4000/-

You will receive handwritten analysis with predictions and MP 3 audio file recorded with my voice so as to enable you feel comfortable like face to face talk in English or telugu of your choice.
Send through Western Money transfer or through
As long as we are single ; our life runs as per our fate. But after getting married ; our life gets influenced by our life partner’s horoscope yogas and Avayogas. You may please tranfer the fee to my corporation bank account and mail date of birth, time of birth, place of birth and your queries .
NOTE : One must take care of education, profession, heart when sani in 4th house for Simha lagna ( Leo ascendants )
sani in 4th restricts prosperity in education,career for simha lagna

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