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STC & Weslaco ISD Open Career & Technology Education ECHS

Video Transcript:

South Texas College and the Weslaco Independent School District have officially opened the doors to a new Early College High School, focused on Career and Technology Education.

The partnership enables students to earn dual credit in both high school and college and graduate with an Associate’s Degree in welding, diesel mechanics and precision manufacturing.

“This is a great opportunity for them, I mean, where else are you going to have a program, where students at the 9th grade level are going to be going to high school and college,” said Sergio Garcia, an administrator at Weslaco ISD.

Over a hundred students are part of the first cohort. Successfully completing the program will not only prepare them for a career but it will also save their parents thousands of dollars in college tuition.

“With the cost of education nowadays, for a college or university it can be very expensive for our parents,” added Garcia.

“Without loans, a lot of kids would not be able to go to college. Some kids are not wanting or are afraid to go to college because they’re afraid of that debt that they are going to incur. Well what this is going to do it cut their college expenses in half,” said Weslaco Superintendent Dr. Ruben Alejandro.

Weslaco ISD also believes students won’t have to go far to find success.

“This partnership is very, very important with South Texas College because of a lot of our (students) especially in our culture where our parents want to hold on to the kids a little longer, they’ll have the opportunity to go to college down here in South Texas,” Garcia explained.

“They don’t have to go anywhere,” Dr. Alejandro agreed. “They can stay right here because with Space X and the medical school coming into our area, the growth that we’ll be experiencing within the next 10 to 15 years is going to be phenomenal.”

Students in the Weslaco Independent School District interested in this new Early College High School for Career and Technology Education should meet with their principal or high school counselor.

For more information, call (956) 969-6500.
STC & Weslaco ISD Open Career & Technology Education ECHS

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