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Talking about Your Job in English.mp4

This business English video gives you the phrases you need to say who you are, where you are from, who you work for, who you work with, where you work, what your responsibilities are, and what you are working on. Phrases are modelled so you can repeat them. Grammar and vocabulary tips are given, and phrases are put into realistic business examples.

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Table of Contents:

00:26 – Outline
01:15 – Introducing Yourself
01:54 – Where do you live? – Where are you from?
03:18 – What is your company?
04:15 – Where do you work?
05:02 – Prepositions with ‘WORK’
06:15 – What is your job?
06:46 – I’m the Manager/Boss
08:02 – Changing Stress
08:29 – What are your responsibilities?
09:59 – Responsibilities – Other Important Work Verbs
11:33 – What are you working on?
12:38 – Who are you working with?
13:32 – Review
14:17 – Double-click to edit
Talking about Your Job in English.mp4

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